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High-Quality Printing and Graphics Coordination Company EUR 9.8 million in Revenue

Since the late 1970s, the Company has provided superior printing and graphics services through a complete, in-house integrated cycle. Its constant focus on innovation, continual upgrading of its machinery to the best available, and its certifications have enabled the company to earn a reputation for quality in its market.

The production process is completely performed in-house, which is rare among the Company’s competitors. This ensures greater flexibility, reduced delivery times, effective quality control and protection of the customer’s sensitive data, in addition to competitive costs for short runs.

Today the Company provides high-end printed documents such as monographs, art books, brochures and catalogues, as well as price lists, mail shots, packaging, digital print and web solution services.

Growth opportunities include adding new distribution customers, intensifying sales and marketing activities, extending and diversifying its product portfolio, entering the point-of-sale segment, developing e-commerce capabilities and channels, and expanding to new export markets. There is also significant growth potential in special finishing operations such as UV ink printing, spot rolling and, most of all, in web-to-print solutions.