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Juliana Reynolds

Juliana is a member of our dedicated business development associate team based in New Haven, CT. She, along with other team members, are responsible and assist with telemarketing and generating leads. Prior to joining Woodbridge, Juliana spent three years as a Legal Secretary for her town attorneys’ law firm, managing all front-end and legal priorities for the firm. Future educational interests for Juliana include continuing in the legal field.

Warren Lewis

Warren has 3 years experience as a CRM administrator for a large media agency focused on the business-to-business publications & events industry. Prior to that he worked as an intern at a medical aid scheme administration company. He holds a Bachelor of Business Administration (BBA) degree from the University of South Africa, majoring in Business Management and Communications.

Donna Warren

Donna is responsible for developing new business opportunities domestically and internationally, as well as executing marketing strategies that drive growth.

Prior to joining Woodbridge International, she has worked in marketing and communications; banking as an assistant compliance officer and in education as a high school administrator. Donna holds three masters degrees: organizational management, human services with counseling, and teaching and learning theory along with a certificate in adult education.

Angie Zribi

Angie is responsible for managing all Woodbridge’s email campaigns as well as generating reports on campaign metrics. She is focused on campaign setup, segmentation of contacts, A/B testing, deployment of campaigns and more. Prior to joining Woodbridge, Angie has held marketing roles in the life sciences and medical device sector, working with major OEMs, contract manufacturers, and funded startups. Angie holds a BA from Providence College.

Lynette Holtzhause

Lynette is a member of our dedicated support team based in South Africa for Woodbridge International. She has gained valuable experience over the last 7 years working within the IT Sector in industries such as Software, Real Estate and Financial Tech. She is trained in IT Service Delivery, Project Management and CRM Cloud Application Administration providing a business and end-user support service to Woodbridge Internationally and in South Africa.

Nosibulelo Waxa

Nosibulelo Waxa is currently based at Woodbridge International (CapeTown) as an Associate in the Business Development division. She graduated from South Cape College with a National Diploma in Management Assistance and further completed her Human Resource Management Certificate. After graduating she gained extensive experience as an administrative assistant for more than 6 years.

Nicole May

Nicole May has 5 years experience with a Law Firm in the finance department. She has qualified as a Junior Bookkeeper through the ICB and has a national certificate in Business Management. Nicole is studying for a Diploma in Financial Accounting.

Lelethu Ndyaluvane

Lelethu Ndyaluvane holds a B.A. Degree in History, Anthropology and Linguistics from The University of Western Cape. She is currently in the process of finishing her Honours in History at The University of Western Cape. She has experience working in the retail industry and completed an internship at Hyperli, which allowed her to explore the E-commerce business.

Tamara De Vos

Tamara is a member of our dedicated support team based in South Africa for Woodbridge International. She along with other team members assist with our global outreach campaigns. Tamara has studied marketing management and completed her National certificate in N5 marketing management. Exploring what the marketing field has to offer , she has gained international customer service experience. And is now adding market research to her expertise and data capture.